Why Is Summer The Season For Freon Leaks?

A/C repairman outside

This is a great question and we are excited to let our inner geek out to answer it! It all has to do with the relationship between temperature and pressure, or thermal dynamics.

You see, when an air conditioner is running in the summer, pressures are lower, for longer periods of time. Let’s use an R-22 system for an example:

Let’s say, the typical pressures in the evaporator coil are measuring at 70 PSI (Pound-force per square inch) on the low side, and 220 PSI on the high side while running. When the system is idle, those pressures equalize at, let’s say, 125 PSI. In the Summer, the system is not idle as much as it is in the offseason. During the offseason, and during the winter, the system is at 125 PSI more than it is at 70 PSI.

Now here’s the kicker! Most refrigerant leaks are on the indoor coil which is the low side. So, if the leak is located on the low side, it will leak at a faster rate when the system is idle.

Confusing huh? It gets worse! Now let’s take into account that the furnace is blowing 140-degree air over that same evaporator coil for 3 to 4 months of the year….what happens now is that as the molecules in the Freon get warmer, they get all excited and start to dance! When they start dancing, the pressures start rising, and then the 125 PSI at idle has turned to 175 PSI at idle, at the evaporator coil. At this point, The leak really gets bad.

Then spring hits, you turn your A/C on and it doesn’t work. We have a thorough understanding of Thermal Dynamics and we have HVAC geeks ready to help whenever you need us!

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