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Freon tanks

What is “Freon”?

Freon is actually DuPont’s name brand for R-22. R-22 is the short name for the halocarbon compound CHClF2 (monochlorodifluoromethane), which is used as the refrigerant. R stands for the refrigerant. In the number “22” second “2” denotes the number of the fluorine atoms in the compound. The DuPont name, Freon, became so popular, it stuck and now people generally refer to any refrigerant as Freon. R-22 equipment manufacturing ended December 31st, 2009. R-22 refrigerant manufacturing ceased December 31st, 2019. The new refrigerant that is used is called R-410A, and yes, DuPont has a name for theirs, it’s called Suva. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you if you call it Freon.

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