Mistakes Homeowners Make When Maintaining Their HVAC System

Person raking leaves

Is your home not staying as cool as you’d like?

The answer could lie in costly mistakes with your AC system.

We’ve outlined the top 6 mistakes people encounter when it comes to operating and maintaining their HVAC system:

1. Not cleaning or changing the air filter frequently enough
Dirty air filters slow down the airflow passing over the evaporator coil. This can lead to many problems over time. We recommend changing your home’s air filter every month and having your system tuned and cleaned twice a year, before each extreme weather season, to detect any problems early and ensure your system is running in tip-top shape.

2. Closing vents off or blocking them behind furniture
Your duct system was designed to perfectly distribute air throughout your home. If you block a supply or return, then the system must work harder. If you have a room, you never use and want to reduce the airflow to that room, you could try halfway closing the register, but we do not recommend closing it off completely.

3. Setting your thermostat too low
You don’t live in a hotel! Although, some of us wish we did…can we say housekeeping?! — But in all seriousness, we recommend keeping your thermostat at a reasonable temperature that your system can feasibly achieve. Too low would be in the range of 45-68 degrees in the summer. PRO TIP: If you go on vacation during the wintertime, don’t turn your thermostat off, instead, set your heat to 55 degrees so that your pipes don’t freeze.

4. Your system could be in the wrong location
(due to the company that initially installed it) It is generally not ideal to have your air conditioner installed on the West side of your home. If yours is in a poor area, Jack Harrison Heating & Air Conditioning, servicing Kansas City and surrounding metro areas, has experience in relocating condensers for a more efficient system.

5. Allowing debris to build up around the outdoor unit
Debris such as: plants, vines, leaves, branches, sticks, animal nests, pool toys, animal waste… These can all lead to airflow blockage and damage to your air conditioner. We recommend keeping a 2-foot perimeter around your system and not allowing pets to use the system as their marking spot.

6. Windows could be problematic
Single pane or large windows on the south or west walls cause extra heat in your home, and your system to work harder to keep up, especially in the summer. If replacing your single pane or large windows is not in the budget, consider window treatments and/or ceramic tint. These can help filter the sun’s heat during the hottest points of the day so your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard to combat the heat.

The name of the game is efficiency! By making sure you consider all 6 of these major players in your home’s temperature control, you will ensure your system is working at its most efficient state. Stay cool out there and call us at 913-308-3131, or request an appointment online for your AC or Furnace maintenance before each season. Jack Harrison Heating & Air Conditioning will help make sure your home is always comfortable!