Does My Furnace Need Maintenance?

Man working on furnace

Yes, even if you just your furnace installed, you need to have your system inspected before the major heating season or the major cooling season hits.

In fact, it is more important to service it while it is still under a manufacturer’s warranty because the fine print in that warranty states that to keep the warranty in effect, you must service the unit at least annually. If you have a major failure before year 10, the manufacturer could ask for proof of service documents in order for them to honor the warranty.

Also, on these system inspections, we will identify if you have a small problem that could lead to a big problem, like a failing capacitor. Let’s fix it before it becomes a big, expensive repair like a blower motor. Certain parts rely on other parts to keep it all in sync.

To keep you on track with your system inspections and documentation, ask our technician when they are at your home about our Jack Harrison Heating & Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance Agreement (PMA) Program.

With a membership in our PMA program, you won’t have to remember to schedule these important inspections, we will call you! You also get really great VIP service and discounts throughout the year, but we’ll save the exciting stuff for our technician to tell you about!

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