When Does My Air Conditioning Unit Need Freon?

A damaged coil

Answer: No

Refrigerant circuits are fully sealed systems. If you need to add, you have a leak. We can add refrigerant to just get you by temporarily, but we do not consider that a repair. No warranty will be given on simply adding Freon to a leaky system.

The first step towards fixing the leak = We need to find it.

There are many leak search methods, from soap bubbles, to electronic “sniffers”, to isolation tests. Prices vary but typically start at around $100 and top out at over $400.

Once the leak is found, we determine if the leak can be repaired simply or not. One time we found a leak behind the sheetrock on a wall, in the lines that bring refrigerant from the Condenser coil outside to the Evaporator coil inside. A homeowner pierced it with a nail while hanging a picture. We opted to replace the lines externally up the wall and through the roof soffit rather than tear into sheetrock in the living room. In a lot of examples, the Evap coil itself has a leak that cannot be repaired. In this case, we simply replace the coil.

If you think your system needs more refrigerant based on previous repairs, or if you are done adding refrigerant and ready for a new system, give us a call (913) 308-3131 or Request an Appointment Online!

We offer very affordable pricing for refrigerant and new systems! Financing options for new systems are available.